26th Annual General Meeting

SEPTEMBER 21, 2023
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Virtual Meeting Via Zoom (register here)


The AGM is your opportunity to learn about HUB Cycling's work in the past year and elect the Board of Directors.

Voting for new directors and other by-law changes will run online exclusively in the weeks leading up to the AGM.

You MUST Register and/or RSVP in advance to receive a ballot to vote on candidates

Even if you are not planning on attending, we urge members to register to vote.


Click this button to register to attend the AGM


  • You do not need to be a member to attend, but you must be a member to vote. Join HUB here.
  • HUB staff will issue ballots to registered members once their active membership status has been verified.
  • Voting closes September 20th at 10 AM PST
  • Meeting documents will be made available closer to September 21st. Check back for information.

Join HUB's Board of Directors! You can find more details here.

FAQs - 2023 Elections 

Q: How many seats are open in the 2023 elections?

To be confirmed


Q: In a year that requires a new board president be elected, what happens if the newly elected President doesn’t get enough votes to also win a board member seat?

If the newly elected President didn't get enough votes to also win a board "member" seat, they would still be president and the highest ranked 4 Board members would be elected. 2023 is NOT a year for a President Board of Director opening.

Q: Can someone run for President but not Board of Director?

No. The President of the Board is considered a Director as per HUB Cycling by-laws

Q: How does HUB keep the election process independent and verify the results?

HUB Cycling uses the independent online voting platform Simply Voting Inc. which is a full-service provider of secure, hosted online elections. 

Over 4000 organizations from municipalities to universities to unions rely on Simply Voting for safely executing their elections. 

HUB Cycling staff oversee the ballot process and once the election has started until the day it completes, only Simplyvoting Inc has access to the results. 

Once the election is over, Simply Voting sends a verified results report to HUB Cycling. These results are then passed on to a board appointed elections officer (a board member not running in the election or an individual not associated with the election like a former board member) who will then announce the results at the AGM.


Q: How can people be involved if they run for the Board but are not elected?

There are many valuable ways that people can volunteer with HUB Cycling, from being an advisor in their area of expertise, to joining a local committee to advance cycling advocacy, to supporting our education and events programming. To find out more go to bikehub.ca/volunteer


2022 AGM Minutes (to be approved by the membership at the 2023 AGM)

2022 AGM Video