Transportation Demand Management

HUB plans and manages Transportation Demand Management (TDM) campaigns that result in measurable reductions in drive-alone trips. Our methods encompass marketing and outreach campaigns, surveys, organized walks and bike rides, clinics and workshops, and orientation materials. HUB Cycling offers individualized marketing techniques that engage communities in a productive dialogue about transportation choices. 

Our staff are trained in TDM evaluation strategies and present results in a simple, visually-compelling format. Our programs can reduce drive-alone trips while increasing healthy active transportation habits. Our programs are especially successful at large development sites due to centralized communication channels, a target audience, and the opportunity to make walking, cycling, and transit use highly attractive options. 

HUB designs and implements programs of all types, from one-time pilot programs to multi-year programs.







Communications and Marketing

HUB Cycling can assist you in developing comprehensive communications and marketing materials and programs that raise the profile of bicycling and help businesses, shops, and residents to use bikes more often for trips to, from, and within a development site. Communication and marketing strategies for large development sites can include a variety of initiatives tailored to your needs and targeted to specific audiences to make cycling an attractive option:

  • Incentive programs that reward residents, visitors and workers for choosing the bicycle and helping to improve health and safety while reducing the burden on parking and local traffic congestion
  • Bike Buddy programs, drawing upon skilled and trained volunteers and cycling instructors to help your constituents to get around by bike safely and efficiently
  • Orientation materials
  • Branding of end of trip facilities and communications materials
  • Communications platforms to facilitate ongoing discussion

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New Westminster Streets for People Project

In 2020 HUB Cycling partnered with Happy City to complete a contract for the City of New Westminster, in support of City Council's Streets for People resolution to expedite the reallocation of street space to active transportation during the COVID-19 pandemic.  HUB Cycling completed a strategic implementation report for the Streets for People initiative, and delivered diverse events and promotions to build public awareness.  The HUB Cycling / Happy City report is part of this New Westminster Report to Council (starting Page 5).